Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mobile Dump Station Meets With Simple Green to Discuss RV Tank Cleaning Product Ideas

We had a meeting with Simple Green today at their headquarters in Huntington Beach. We are working with them to help possibly bring a new product to the RVing industry. It would be a takeoff from their pet version which has odor-killing microorganisms along with a cleaning aspect. This would be great for RV tanks. We will be spending the next month or so deep cleaning RV and mobile pet grooming holding tanks using their product and then analyzing the results. We are excited to potentially being able to offer more effective tank cleaning services in the future using a great product like this.

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mobile Dump Station Rescues a Senior Citizen From Her Clogged and Overflowing RV Shower/Tub 😅

We had an evening emergency call last night. This was for an elderly woman that lives in her RV on a back lot in Tustin. Her mobile RV repair guy called us while he was with her and explained the problem to us. Her shower would not drain and he was worried she had major blockage because she had always left her black tank valve open 😬. Knowing she was not able to take a shower for 4 days we rushed over there. We first turned her sink on to see if it was also blocked. It wasn’t so we knew it was not a main line blockage. Next, we used a bucket to empty most of the water out of her bathtub. Doing this allowed us to gain better access to the drain. Within about 1 minute we had her shower plumbing cleared! She was very relieved, to say the least.

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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Mobile Dump Station Takes Care of Jet Ski Pros in Huntington Beach This Weekend

Mobile Dump Station was happy to serve several Jet Ski pros at Huntington Beach this weekend. The "2nd Annual Huntington Beach Moto-Surf and Freeride Exhibition" was there from Friday through Sunday. Wow do these people know how to have fun! Lots of amazing Jet Skis and other such toys and lots of family fun in the sun! One of our customers has 9 kids so it's no surprise that he needed our services on day one ; )

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Mobile Dump Station offers service for the first time at the Glamis Dunes

Mobile Dump Station spent the weekend serving lots of families having fun in the sand. We were pleasantly surprised to get several jobs from our Glamis page ( and were able to take care of these customers within a 15-minute window. We also met two other waste haulers (Frank and Art). Not only have we referred them a lot of work in the past, but they also referred us out to customers that they couldn't get to in time. This is how it is in Glamis - everyone is kind to each other and happy to help one another.

The season is coming to an end for Glamis. We don't plan on being back until October of 2019. Please visit our website to see our work calendar and how to reach us for quick service at

Friday, November 30, 2018

Deep Cleaning of RV Tanks Reduce Odors and Allows Tank Sensors to Read Properly Again

Today we had a deep cleaning job in Los Alamitos, CA today. Her sensors kept showing that her black water tank was 2/3 full even though she knew it was empty. Also, she is staying in her RV for 4-6 months while her home is undergoing a huge remodel. She does not want to hassle with taking her RV to a dump stating miles away so she hired us on a weekly basis to keep her tanks emptied. We also noticed that she did not have a water pressure regulator for her RV and the water pressure was extremely high. We purchased and installed one for her so she doesn't have to worry about any water lines breaking under too much pressure.

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Feeding our hot water pressure washer hose into the black water tank

Tank sensor non-functional before we deep cleaned the tank.

Tank sensor working perfectly after the deep cleaning.